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In this quickly changing world, it  sometimes seems daunting to navigate the  ever present obstacles of change in order to  more clearly view the opportunities.   I have been fortunate enough, with God’s blessing, to be navigating through the murky waters of unexpected business changes,  health challenges and financial insecurity at a time in my life when I “should” be  winding down my career and seeking the path of leisure and  security in retirement.

Instead of “winding” down, I am starting over and as excited about the opportunity and what life holds as I was  20 years ago. I am more fit and healthy than I was 20 years ago and even with uncertainty, I”m happier and more at peace.

A blessing disguised as challenge lead me to doors that are opening in many new and exciting worlds..  I am convicted  that my blessings were given by a creator that expects me to help others navigate these same waters no matter what  decade of life you are in.   The young have youth and exuberance and the “older”, wisdom and perspective.

It is my thought that if seeking the right path, each  can benefit the other so that those of us that are in later decades can gain back that the health and excitement for life that we once had and younger generations can gain knowledge and wisdom more quickly by seeking  it and listening to those that have walked those roads before..  Then  together we are all a stronger more productive and viable world.

It is my goal for this blog to bring you information  that will open your eyes and challenge you to find the awesomeness in change and  paradigm shifts.    To seek opportunity in places you might not have before, to challenge yourself physically to achieve in areas that weren’t even on your radar in the past and to find financial security in a global economy and opportunity.

Check back with me regularly and lets embrace this journey together….


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