Welcome to my Blog!

As veteran entrepreneur, wife, mom, equestrian and cross- fit’er that is moving into the 2nd season of life.. I am enjoying the opportunities more than ever and see such an amazing expanse of possibilities…    I especially see many of the old ” dinosaurs”  that we have become so accustomed to  beginning to slip.  In years past we saw this a  sad or unfortunate thing, but today it ushers in opportunity for everyone that embraces this change, steps into newly chartered territory and says ” Why not? ”  or “Why not me? “.

The old day of traditional life — get a job, work for a company, eat too many processed foods, take too many medications to offset the foods, struggle with time and family choices, work 60 plus hours weekly, depend on the approval of someone higher than you for a raise or worse, your entire future, gain weight along the way and get vastly out of shape due to all of the above, just to retire and find out your pension isn’t enough, the best years are past and now you sit back, live as best you can and wait to get older  – assuming your best years are past ….. Uhg!!

I got to these years too fast,  with too many things left undone and a financial situation that had been hijacked by the recession of 2007 – 2011..  Too much looking back, second guessing decisions,  high stress and failing health…    I didn’t want to be here!   I’m here to tell you your best years are ahead!  You should be able to capitalize  on all of that acquired wisdom.

But what were the choices…..   The traditional answers weren’t working nor where they giving me the options for the next 50 years that I wanted for me or my family…    Definition of insanity.. “Doing the same things over and over and expecting different results…”

Things had to change!  I had to change!   So change I did….    changed my health, fitness, business, created passive income that anyone can do, found a fresh way to secure my income, and  embraced helping others more than I ever had.    And guess what, you can do this too!

The goal of my Blog is to provide information and options to help you do what I have done. God blessed me with a “better” second 1/2 than the first half.. My responsibility is to use it wisely to bless and help others…

So, check back and stay with me on my journey… I hope it helps you enrich your life.


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